Disgustingly excellent.

In my opinion, the best ambient is that which somehow makes reference to its environment, rather than just being something that could be plunked down anywhere.

Source: Ads of the World

Advertising Agency: JWT and Agência Casa, Brazil
Executive Creative Directors: Roberto Fernandez, Ricardo John
Creative Directors: Rodolfo Amaral, Ricardo Marques, Gustavo Costi
Copywriter: Fernando Christo
Art Director: André Petrini
Art Buyers: Renata Sayao, Paula Ferrari
Illustration: Bruna Guerreiro / 6 E Meia
Photographer: Régis Fernandez
Editor: Felipe Madureira
Account Services: Fernanda Antonelli, Luciana Rodrigues, Carla Magro, Bruno Yantob, Gustavo Nobre, Yves Rodrigues
Media: Ezra Geld, Aline Moda, Daniela Heredia, Wagner Sena, Amaury Magalhães
Planner: Fernand Alphen, Patrice Lamiral E Luiza Madeira
Producer: Flávio Schaefer, Flavio Colella, Maira Chinaglia


Apple Donation Box

Donate your unwanted apps to raise money for charity. 

Digging this student work from Miami Ad School scholars, Max Pilwat, Philip Hovensjö, Andy Schwitter and Westley Taylor.


Fantastic, and so simple.


“What will it take before we respect the planet ?”
, Paris, France - Lion de Bronze


How I love this. Never seen anything like it.


“We are all workers.”

Levi’s Billboard

Stefan Sagmeister


Facts, Science World Ads (Museum of Science, Vancouver)





Green Pedestrian Crossing created by Jody Xiong

The China Environmental Protection Foundation developed an outdoor campaign, displayed on the street, to creatively promote this message. They decided to leverage a busy pedestrian crossing; a place where both pedestrians and drivers meet.

The campaign involved laying a canvas 12.6 metres long by 7 metres wide on the ground, thus covering the pedestrian crossing with a large leafless tree. On either side of the road, beneath the traffic lights, were placed sponge cushions soaked in green, environmentally friendly, washable paint. As pedestrians walked towards the crossing, they stepped on the green sponge, thus leaving green foot imprints on the canvas of the tree. Each ‘green’ footprint on the canvas looked like leaves growing on a bare tree, which made people feel that by walking they could create a greener environment.

The ‘Green Pedestrian Crossing’ was carried out across 7 thoroughfares in Shanghai. The campaign was then extended to 132 roads across 15 cities in China, with a participation exceeding 3,920,000 people.

Watch their video below:


The new Unicef Pinterest campaign will make you feel bad for repinning those diamond studded salad tongs.

Agency Weapon7 created the profile of a 13 year old girl from Sierra Leone and filled her Pinterest board with the things she wanted. In contrast to other people’s pins, her desires are much more urgent. Food, water, a decent education – the basics of life.

Check it here 

Snickers Twitter campaign (by vicalvilla)



Leave the maps in the atlas




Leave the maps in the atlas



Antonin Fourneau and Digitalarti Artlab both teamed up to create what is known as the Water Light Graffiti system. The sensitive LED panel activates when an area has encounted moisture then illuminates instantaneously. The beauty behind this is the plethora of options available to use as a paintbrush as long as it retains moisture.